Meet the Project Electron Team

Project Electron is an effort that includes contributions and collaboration from staff across all program areas of the Rockefeller Archive Center, with leadership from the Digital Programs Team. We have also partnered with Marist College IT to provide technical support for development and deployment.

The Digital Programs Team

photograph of Hillel Arnold

Hillel Arnold

Hillel heads the Digital Programs at the RAC, and makes sure the project stay on schedule, under budget and in compliance with the project values.

photograph of Hannah Sistrunk

Hannah Sistrunk

Hannah's focus is on usability, user-centered design, and project communication. She'll be coordinating with Project Electron partners and helping to ensure that we are building engaging and well-documented infrastructure that benefits users.

photograph of Patrick Galligan

Patrick Galligan

Patrick is the resident data person at the RAC. He'll be helping model the connections between different systems in Project Electron, and helping make sure all the data is going to the right place.

photograph of Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie is all about preserving born digital records, and will help develop processes to get donors' records into the repository.